Digital Portfolio

Welcome to my Digital Portfolio here you will find links to my work and several sites that I have here on Raw Compound

Distrakt Interactive

A Website built in Flash CS 5.5 and up it features my use of interactive motion graphics. Actionscript 3 is used to program the site and you should have the latest version of Flash in order to see it. Mobile Devices Lo Siento!!! I'm working on publishing everything Flash on HTML 5 so please be patient, other than just run to your nearest computer of laptop, you'll thank me later!

Eastern Blends

This website was built using HTML and CSS it is a fictional tea company, images were used from Getty Images and Morguefile. Steep the Leaf!!

SC Creations

I built this website using FLash it has a custom video and music player. This was built for a long time friend and collaborator mine Steve Castel who is a graphic designer and musician based in South Florida.

Agile Crazy

Here we have another Flash site!!! I don't care what anybody says I will still use flash for motion graphics and animation. Agile Crazy is a Fictional company based in Boulder, CO that performs stunts. In the Pursuit of Agility!!!

Mover's Little Helper

Mover's Little Helper is a company based in South Florida that provides moving labor and light handyman services.

Graphic Design

Here you will find examples of my graphic design work I normally use Photoshop for image editing and photo manipulation.

Digital Illustration

Here you will find examples of my Digital Illustration work. I either scan in original artwork drawn my hand and work with it in photoshop or use PS and Corel to create original drawings from scratch. I also use Illustrator and Flash to make vector illustrations as well.

Motion Graphics

Now where getting to the meat and potatoes what it is that I do best!!! At least in my opinion, come one it is obvious that I am involved in web design and development, however motion graphics make my job more fun and exciting. It adds that extra zing! I use programs like After Effects, Flash, and Edge Animate to do my motion graphics. Also Cinema 4D may also be used to create 3D motion graphics whenever needed. Premiere Pro is normally used for video editing larger compositions.


I also use Adobe Edge Animate and flash to develop HTML5 content. Here are some examples below.

This is the gateway to my portfolio I hope you enjoy my work! Thanks for stopping by!